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Your brand and product quality depend on reliable and high-performing display technologies.

ESTECOM manufactures OEM displays with touch screen add ons and sensors coupled with strong after-sale support, giving OEMs in all sectors competitive and industry-leading product offerings.

ESTECOM’s OEM screen solutions come with the following benefits:

  • Custom Screen Size Options from 7” to 70”
  • In-House Design and Manufacturing
  • Optional Touch Screen and Embedded Sensor Integration
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 13845 Certification on All Products
  • 20+ Years of Experience of Producing Solutions for Complex Industries
  • 5 Years of Guaranteed Parts Access to OEMs via Regional Support Offices in Key Markets

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    We Offer Customized OEM Screen Options

    ESTECOM offers OEMs a wide range of screen options that are compatible with add on touch screen inputs and sensors. Our screen sizes range from 7” to 70”.

    Bringing experience from the aviation, militarymanufacturing and other industries, we provide fully-capable custom solutions for your market’s specific requirements and operational realities.

    Through ESTECOM, you can market unique display solutions that seamlessly fit within each of your clients’ needs instead of jarring and uninspiring cookie-cutter designs.

    The following are some of the options we offer at ESTECOM:

    We build standard LCD and LED flat panel displays (FPD) meeting your exact specifications in terms of screen-size, resolution and aspect-ratio. You can further customize these FPDs with a range of touch screen inputs, sensors and durable cases.

    ESTECOM also has 4K and 8K ultra high-definition (UHD) display options which you can opt for in multiple screen sizes along with our full range of touch screen, sensor and durability options.

    For specialization or differentiation, we also offer stretched, curved and specialty monitors (with all touch, sensor and durability options) in various screen sizes, resolutions and aspect-ratios.

    Fully Leverage Add On Touch Screen Options

    Be it added functionality or differentiation, ESTECOM enables you to customize your displays with a range of touch input options. You can choose from Projective Capacitive Touch, Resistive Touch, Camera Touch, Optical Human Machine Interface, ShadowSense or Infrared.

    There’s no limit scope, simply tell us your requirements and we will handle the needed design, engineering, manufacturing, integration and certification work to produce your product.

    We Offer In House Design and Manufacturing

    ESTECOM offers a full service design, engineering, software development, manufacturing and certification work for each of its monitors. In addition, we manufacture critical parts – such as display controllers and motherboards – to ensure that custom specifications work as intended.

    You only work with ESTECOM to manage your display requirements, thus letting you streamline your sourcing pool and simplify your maintenance and support processes for every component used in your display.

    In addition, you will have 5 years of a guaranteed access to your display’s parts from anywhere in the world. Our global supply network has regional offices in every key market with local staff and engineers to ensure that your end-products have full lifecycle support. Other benefits of working with ESTECOM:

    We can integrate a range of sensors (e.g. temperature sensor, heat sensor, vibration sensor, etc) to any of our displays, be it small (e.g. 7”) touch screen displays for cars or large panel displays for human machine interfaces (HMI) in ships.

    By leveraging ESTECOM, you can readily market highly capable display solutions to niche markets and specialized applications without worrying about the necessary development or production work (we handle all of it beforehand).

    ESTECOM’s facilities adhere to ISO 9001 and ISO 13845. Each of our displays undergo EMC testing and UL certification to ensure reliability and operability in even the toughest conditions.

    We guarantee compliance with top industry standards, including IP65, IP66, IP67 and IP68 for shielding against water and dust intrusion. We also manage our vendors to ensure that we gain only the highest-quality materials for our products (we offer a Bill of Materials Guarantee).

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