Open Frame Monitor Solutions

Struggling to find an open frame monitor to meet your precise operational requirements?

ESTECOM designs and manufactures custom display systems, such as open frame monitors to any size and specification, with clients that span defense, aviation, transport and manufacturing industries

ESTECOM open frame monitors solutions include the following:

  • Guaranteed 5-year supply of OEM parts.
  • Design and manufacturing done in house with turn-key services.
  • Compliant with global industry standards.
  • Available integrations with compute, sensor, and touch technology.
  • Experience across defence, transport, medical, and manufacturing industries.

Don’t let a low-grade open frame monitor undermine your world-class equipment. Contact ESTECOM today to discuss how we can design, manufacture and support truly custom open frame monitors with your precise requirements and operational goals.

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    Custom Open Frame Display Solutions

    ESTECOM builds custom open frame monitor solutions for an array of complex and demanding industries such as defense, aviation, retail, manufacturing and transport. Our custom options include:

    We offer open frame LED Flat Panel Displays (FPD) custom manufactured to your exact specifications including screen-size, resolution, durability & compliance, sensors and touch inputs.

    ESTECOM also offers 4K and 8K ultra high-definition (UHD) open frame monitors across multiple screen sizes. We custom manufacture our UHD displays in house to your exact specifications and needs.

    For highly specific applications, we also provide stretch open frame monitors responding to all user-required screen sizes, aspect-ratios as well as touch input and sensor requirements.

    Our curved open frame monitors are available in all user-defined screen sizes and aspect-ratios with complete customization options in terms of touch controls, sensors and hardware inputs.

    Our specialty open frame monitors include OLED, transparent displays, and custom cut displays to any aspect-ratio and screen-size.

    Embedded Open Frame Touch Screen Options

    We can integrate touch screen control systems to your open frame monitor. This includes Projective Capacitive Touch, Resistive Touch, Optical Human Machine Interface, Camera Touch, ShadowSense or Infrared.

    Be it an open frame touch monitor or an open frame LCD monitor with a Camera Touch system, there’s no limit to your potential scope. ESTECOM will design an open frame display centered on your exact operational requirements so that you can excel at your operational goals instead of trying to bend them around an arbitrary off-the-shelf product.

    At ESTECOM we design and manufacture our own controllers, motherboards and other critical internal components for our open frame monitors. This enables us to fulfill customization needs as well as fully test and certify that your open frame monitor works per your requirements.

    We know that our open frame monitors are used in harsh and demanding environments. In turn, we can integrate a range of sensors for measuring temperature, heat and light to guarantee that your solution fully works. Whether it’s an open frame touch screen monitor for operating a crane, displaying critical information or something else, ESTECOM has the experience to deliver.

    We provide end-to-end design, manufacturing, integration, testing and material sourcing to ensure that every input for your open frame monitor is in-place and works. In addition, we also guarantee OEM access to spare parts for 5 years.

    Coupled with our regional offices around the world, we ensure that your open frame monitor has a full and healthy product life-cycle.

    ESTECOM ensures that your open frame monitors are built according to your specifications as well as your industry’s standards and the relevant regulations. We do this by conducting EMC testing and UL certification of every open frame monitor in-house. We also provide you a Bill of Materials Guarantee.

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    ESTECOM brings over 20 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and supporting open frame monitors and other solutions to meet the rigorous industry standards and regulations of our clients. Contact us today to see how you too can leverage this expertise.

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