Screen Interface

Your critical equipment depends on a high quality screen interface to maximize user experience.

At ESTECOM, we produce LCD interface solutions designed to excel in the toughest operational environments in line with your industry’s top standards and requirements.

Why work with ESTECOM:

  • Full turn-key design with in-house manufacturing and integration services
  • Engineer and build to any custom design specification
  • Guaranteed 5-year OEM component access for long-term parts supply
  • Stringent certification and compliance processes under global industry regulations
  • Local supply chain and logistics support across ESTECOM’s global network of offices
  • Experience in Defense and Aviation, Medical, Transportation and Manufacturing

Don’t let a poorly designed screen interface jeopardize critical systems and damage your brand. Work with a trusted supplier of interface solutions, and get the right display for the job.

Get the Right Display for your Project

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    We’ve manufactured custom displays for a multitude of screen interfaces, including the most strenuous and standards-driven industries, such as Defense and Aviation, Medical and  others.

    We manufacture LEDOLED, Customized Cut LCD Displays and Transparent Displays according to the widest array of client-specified sizes and operating requirements. We guarantee you total freedom in building a custom screen interface that both precisely matches to your system and performs in accordance to your requirements.

    You can include world-class touch controls with your screen interface by simply leveraging our expertise in integrating touch to screen interfaces: Projective Capacitive TouchResistive TouchOptical Human-Machine InterfaceCamera Touch Interface Supportinfrared; and Shadow Sense. Don’t limit the scope, ESTECOM will design, develop, manufacture and integrate touch controls tuned to your screen interface requirements and in accordance with top industry standards.

    At ESTECOM, we design and manufacture our own LCD controllers and motherboards to ensure that your equipment uses hardware built to exact specifications, with guaranteed parts access.

    We eliminate the anxiety of finding a lifetime parts supplier, while guaranteeing the best quality components for your equipment.

    Our custom displays can also include embedded sensors – including heat and light sensors and vibration monitoring – for your screen interface so that it excels in all demanding environments.

    ESTECOM is equipped to undertake any kind of software design and/or integration work for your screen interface system, irrespective of whether you have your own suite to integrate with our hardware or desire an end-to-end hardware and software solution from us.

    Our software design team is capable of undertaking user interface design development work for your screen interface. Alternatively, they can also ensure that your own software properly works with your screen interface hardware, including full integration of your APIs.

    Each of ESTECOM’s display’s are solutions are manufactured to exact quality assurance standards and in complete compliance with relevant industry standards and government regulations, which includes EMC testing, UL Certification and a Bill of Materials Guarantee.

    ESTECOM can assume the entirety of your design, manufacturing and even material sourcing requirements for producing your screen interface. Every part of our design and manufacturing work is done in-house, which ensures that we fully comply with your exact custom specifications and industry standards.

    In addition, we guarantee spare parts access for your screen interface for up to 5 years. This can also involve a local supply-channel leveraging our global network offices. The result is providing a truly complete and competitive product life-cycle for your screen interface and its customers.

    Build the Screen Interface Solution You Need

    ESTECOM has the perfect combination of technology and industry experience – spanning over 20 years and includes the most rigorous fields such as Medical, Defense, Automotive, Industrial applications – to build world-class and custom screen interface solutions for your needs, just contact us to discuss how.

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