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Do you need a touch interface that is guaranteed to work in any environment?

We leverage multiple touch technologies and embedded CPUs to ensure your touch interface solutions exceed the durability & usability requirements of any environment.

By relying on ESTECOM to build your touch interface solution you benefit from:

  • Comprehensive turn-key design with in-house manufacturing and integration.
  • Guaranteed 5-year OEM parts access to secure product life-cycle.
  • Access to all forms of touch hardware for any digital screen design.
  • Support for compliance certification during design and manufacturing.
  • Experience in Medical, Defense, Aviation, Manufacturing and Transport industries.

Don’t compromise on the quality of your touch interface. Request a consultation with ESTECOM to build a touch interface that expands your market-share and profit.

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    First in Class Touch Interfaces

    ESTECOM draws upon over 20 years of manufacturing experience and expertise supporting some of the most complex and regulated industries. Contact us today to see how we can design touch interfaces that thrive in any application in any industry and any situation.

    Integrate a touch control solution to your touch interface to enable for enhanced user interaction and control, be it on-screen, in conjunction with a screen or separately, ESTECOM will support any custom requirement.

    We have extensive industry experience in integrating the following options: Projective Capacitive TouchResistive TouchOptical Human-Machine InterfaceCamera Touch Interface Supportinfrared; and ShadowSense.

    Let your product design team determine where placing a touch control system works best, we’ll handle the technical legwork.

    Our software design team can undertake any user interface design and development work. This provides you the powerful option of directly aligning the software and hardware at every step by leveraging ESTECOM’s resources.

    Alternatively, ESTECOM can integrate your own software suite to your hardware solution while also fully integrating your APIs. There’s complete flexibility in place to ensure that the exact solution you intended for emerges.

    If your touch interface system also incorporates or interoperates with a display, then leverage ESTECOM 20+ years of experience in manufacturing LED, OLED Flat Panel Displays (FPD) along with Transparent Displays to fulfil your requirements.

    We’ve built FPDs fulfilling OEM-specified screen sizes, resolutions, aspect-ratios and operating expectations of every kind, including embedded componentry and sensor technology.

    Our in house manufacturing capacity includes custom motherboards and LCD controllers, ensuring your touch interfaces meet exacting design standards.

    It doesn’t matter if you need our screens in a high-end retail site or in the field over rough terrain – ESTECOM manufactures rugged and stainless displays, among other forms.

    All of our solutions are built to precisely match your custom requirements while also exceeding industry standard quality and government regulation standards. Our processes comprise of EMC testing, UL Certification and a Bill of Materials Guarantee.

    You have the option to trust ESTECOM for the whole of your touch interface program, including design, manufacturing and material sourcing requirements.

    We maintain a turn-key in-house manufacturing capability for producing user-facing and internal components (such as custom motherboards) to stringent government and industry-mandated quality standards while fulfilling your exact design requirements.

    ESTECOM also guarantees to support your product through an assured parts access program for up to 5 years. We can even leverage our global network of offices to facilitate the local access of parts to you and/or your customers around the world.

    Through ESTECOM, not only will you have a quality product, but a quality product life-cycle to also support it for the benefit of your customers and, by extension, your brand and bottom-line.

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