Full Touch Screen Monitor Solutions

Your embedded touch screen sensors should work as expected no matter the operating environment or the monitor design.

ESTECOM designs and manufactures monitors with a wide range of embedded touch screen sensor options. We build solutions that are customized to excel in unique and demanding environments.

ESTECOM’s full touch screen monitors include the following benefits:

  • Guaranteed 5-year supply of OEM parts
  • In-House Design and Manufacturing
  • Integration with Compute, Sensor and Touch Control Inputs
  • 20+ Years of Experience of Producing Industrial Solutions
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 13845 Certification on All Product

Contact ESTECOM today to design custom full touch screen monitors that precisely meet your requirements and reliably function in your operational environment.

Custom Screen Sizes Compatible with all Touch Screen Sensors

ESTECOM’s touch screen enabled monitors are available in multiple sizes between 7″ to 70″.

We bring over 20 years of experience manufacturing custom displays for the leading players in the aviation, defence, manufacturing, transport and medical industries.

You can define the exact size, aspect-ratio and embedded touchscreen systems and we will build small and large interactive touchscreen solutions that cater to your needs. No need to force your existing operations to adjust around a cookie-cutter monitor design.

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    Integrate First-in-Class Touch Screen Sensor Technology

    ESTECOM offers the following embedded touch screen options, including: Projected Capacitive Touch, Resistive Touch, Camera Touch, Optical Human Interface, ShadowSense or Infrared.

    There is no limit in scope. Just tell us your exact requirements, and we will design and produce a solution deploying any of the following touch screen options.

    Projected Capacitive touch screens are among the most common and widely adopted touch screen options available on the market. This is useful if you intend to interact with your custom displays using only your bare finger or a similarly sized capacitive stylus.

    Infrared touch displays use LEDs and sensors embedded around the bezel of the display. It works by identifying where the light beams ‘break’ or are interfered with (from a finger).

    It is easier and more cost-effective to deploy infrared touch screen technology on very large and industry-specific displays. For example, you can use the monitor with bare, gloved or wet hands and stylus pens – i.e. practically any operational environment.

    Though a legacy touch screen technology, resistive is useful because it can be used using a single finger, fingernail, stylus and other objects.

    ShadowSense operates by precisely detecting the user’s shadow as it enters, hovers within and moves out of a sensor’s field-of-view (FOV). This technology can differentiate object shapes and size, enabling for true multi-touch and auto-recognition of different inputs (e.g. pen).

    In-House Manufacturing of Touch Displays

    Having manufactured displays for over 20 years, ESTECOM has built a complete and efficient in-house manufacturing base for small and large touch screen solutions.

    Besides end-to-end design, manufacturing, integration and testing, we also manufacture our own display controllers, motherboards and other critical parts.

    ESTECOM also offers embedded sensor options for your touch screen displays, including light, temperature/heat and vibration/force detection sensors.

    You can equip your displays to measure your surrounding environments, enabling you to adjust their usage to save energy or to reduce the risk of wear and damage.

    You can also configure your touch screen display to readily operate in harsh and high-risk areas such as loading/dispatch sites, malls and hospitals.

    Besides rugged and stainless steel builds, we manufacture our monitors to IP65, IP66, IP67 and IP68 standards for protection against water and dust intrusion.

    We maintain a complete turn-key support system for all of the touch screen monitors we build.

    In addition, we push our suppliers for only the highest quality parts and materials (for which we give a Bill of Materials Guarantee to our end-users). We will also guarantee OEM parts access for 5 years, which you can access through our global network of regional offices.

    Our facilities adhere to ISO 9001 and ISO 13845 standards. In addition, we work to meet all compliance demands through rigorous EMC testing and UL certification as well as by offering a Bill of Materials Guarantee for each of the monitors we build.

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