Durable Rackmount PC Monitor Systems

Your critical equipment depends on a high quality rackmount monitor system.

ESTECOM manufactures durable Panel PC rackmount monitors that are custom-designed to the size and durability specifications of the most demanding global industries.

Why Choose ESTECOM for your Rackmount Monitors:

  • Guaranteed 5-year supply of OEM parts.
  • Design and manufacturing done in house with turn-key services.
  • Compliant with global industry standards.
  • Available integrations with compute, sensor, and touch technology.
  • Experience across defence, transport, medical, and manufacturing industries.

ESTECOM brings over 20 years of custom display systems design and manufacturing experience to its rackmount monitor solutions. Contact us today to see how your mission critical requirements can be fortified with custom-designed and durable rackmount monitor.

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    Custom Rackmount Monitor Solutions

    ESTECOM manufactures rackmount monitor solutions for many different industries, including tightly regulated and standards-heavy areas such as defense, manufacturing and others.

    Every ESTECOM rackmount monitor solution can be integrated with a range of touch controls and sensor inputs.

    Our standard rackmount monitors include LED Flat Panel Displays (FPD) that are built according to end-user specifications.

    ESTECOM’s rackmount monitor solutions include ultra high-definition (UHD) – i.e. 4K and 8K – options in multiple end-user-specified screen sizes.

    Rackmount Monitor Touch Screen Options

    ESTECOM provides many touch screen control options for your rackmount monitor, including Projective Capacitive, Camera Touch, and ShadowSense

    Our touch control options are available for each of our rackmount monitor solutions. You could have a rackmount LCD monitor or another an entirely different display source (e.g. LED, etc).

    Our customization options are as wide as your scope. At ESTECOM, we design solutions centered on the exact operational needs of our clients so that they can freely excel in their activities rather than trying to fit their needs around a fixed rackmount monitor design. Other beneficial considerations include:

    Our rackmount monitors include our own in-house-manufactured LCD controllers, motherboards and other critical components. This also includes display inputs, including DVI and HDMI for the rackmount monitor system. We’re equipped to build customized rackmount monitors as per your specifications as well as rigorously test them for quality control and standards compliance.

    We’ve built rackmount monitors for many different environments, including demanding areas where reliability and durability are essential. To achieve this we offer embedded sensor options for your rackmount monitor solution. This includes temperature, heat and light sensors that will ensure that your rackmount monitor works as intended in your operational environment.

    ESTECOM offers comprehensive design, manufacturing, integration, testing and material sourcing services for your rackmount monitor requirement.

    This enables us to both build customized rackmount monitor solutions and ensure you have the right level of support to maintain them through the long-term. We provide OEM access to spare parts for 5 years through our international offices. Your rackmount monitor will benefit from a long and fully-supported product life-cycle.

    We’re equipped to design and manufacture your rackmount monitors according to your exact specifications, industry standards and relevant regulations. To guarantee this, we conduct EMC testing and UL certification of every rackmount monitor that rolls-off our production line. We also provide a Bill of Materials Guarantee.

    Don’t Compromise Mission Critical Equipment with Substandard Rackmount Monitors

    ESTECOM provides comprehensive design, manufacturing, testing and support for each of its rackmount monitor solutions. Contact us to discuss how we can enable you to maintain the best infrastructure possible for your mission critical systems.

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