LCD Controller Boards

Stuck with a Faulty LCD Display Equipped with a Flawed LCD Controller Board?

We design, manufacture and integrate our own LCD controller boards to our custom LCD displays, thereby meeting your exact requirements and guaranteeing failure-free performance.

ESTECOM’s LCD screen controller board manufacturing draws on the following:

  • 20+ Years of Display Controller Manufacturing Experience.
  • We Can Build LCD Controller Boards for 7” to 70” Screens.
  • In-House Ability to Integrate Multiple Touch Screen Inputs to LCD Controllers
  • Solutions Built from the Best Materials to Ensure Maximum Reliability and Durability
  • Guaranteed 5-Year Supply of OEM Spare Parts and Support
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 13845 Certification on All Products

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    Custom LCD Controller Solutions

    We don’t offer cookie-cutter solutions. Rather, in order to provide you with custom designs that are exactly built to your specifications and feature requirements, we will even manufacture the core internal components, including LCD controllers.

    ESTECOM’s LCD panel controller hardware support screen-sizes from 7” to 70”, thus giving you a complete array of display options for practically any application in any industry. Other benefits of ESTECOM custom LCD controllers include:

    Because we design and manufacture our own LCD controllers, we offer you total freedom in choosing how to interact with your LCD display (we will integrate the parts to make it work).

    We also offer a full range of touch screen control inputs, including Projected Capacitive Touch, Resistive Touch, Camera Touch, Optical Human Interface, Infrared and ShadowSense.

    ESTECOM can readily integrate any of these touch screen inputs to your custom LCD display.

    We understand that certain displays operate in controlled or rigorous environments. To support such operational needs, we also offer our customers the option of integrating a range of sensors to their displays, including temperature, heat, light and vibration sensors.

    Since we manufacture critical components – such as the LCD board controller – internally, you can opt for any sensor solution provided it fulfils your exact operational requirements.

    We provide end-to-end design, integration and manufacturing services for our LCD controllers.

    In effect, we ensure that the LCD controller board of your display works as intended with any touch screen input and/or sensor. Our services in this area include engineering and software development work, making us our one-stop-shop for your display.

    In addition, we also tightly manage our suppliers and vendors to ensure that your displays are built with only the highest quality of materials. We demonstrate this through a Bill of Materials Guarantee and a failure rate of less than 1% on all products.

    In addition to our in-house, turn-key design and manufacturing services, we provide full-cycle support for your display, including its LCD controller board.

    To optimize your procurement and maintenance outlay, we guarantee 5 years of access to OEM parts from anywhere in the world. Our global network of regional and locally-staffed offices in all major markets are in place to ensure a complete and healthy lifecycle run for your displays.

    Be it the LCD display controller board, touch screen control inputs or other components, we offer a range of highly secure and durable enclosement/case options for your monitor.

    For example, for environments with a high-risk of controlled substance leaks/spillage, we offer stainless steel displays, while harsh, outdoor arenas could benefit from our rugged options. In any case, our monitor casings are built to meet IP65, IP66, IP67 and IP68 ratings for water and dust intrusion, thus ensuring that your display and its internal parts are secure from damage.

    ESTECOM rigorously complies with government and industry standards. Our facilities adhere to ISO 9001 and ISO 13845 standards, while each of our displays are put through EMC testing, UL certification and other tests prior to delivery. We also provide a Bill of Materials Guarantee.

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