Custom System Interface Solutions

Are you finding it impossible to source the right digital interface for your critical equipment design?


We design, engineer, manufacture, and integrate digital interfaces for the most demanding environments and industrial applications.

Why Working with ESTECOM is Your Best Option for Any Industry:

Don’t put your brand at risk with cheaply sourced screens and components, request a consultation to get an industrial-grade interface for your world class equipment.

Customized System Interface Solutions

In today’s world, it’s no longer an option for your product to offer a sophisticated and responsive user experience. With devices becoming increasingly more complex, failing to meet user interface expectations means getting left behind.

That’s why technology giants including Siemens, Lockheed Martin, and Philips Healthcare turn to ESTECOM to power their innovative product development. As the leaders in providing completely customized and cutting-edge interactive user display technology, our turn-key user interface solutions can design, manufacturecertify, and integrate the right display for your OEM Specifications.

Get the Right Display for your Project

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    We leverage decades of innovative experience, quality in-house manufacturing, and global reach to provide customized OEM display solutions for any industry.


    With over 20 years of flat panel display technology expertise, ESTECOM leads the way with interface solutions designed to meet the needs of any industry. Contact us to learn how we can power your user interface needs.

    ESTECOM provides custom manufactured display systems that can be fully integrated with your OEM specifications. These include LED, OLED, LCD, Projective and Transparent Displays available in a range of sizes – giving you unmatched freedom to incorporate the latest technology into your products.

    We customized our display solutions to the level of touch sensitivity needed for ideal UX. From Projective Capacitive Touch and Resistive sensors to IROptical Human-Machine Interface, Baanto, and Camera Touch Interface Support, our Touch Solutions are ready to handle anything your design team can dream up.

    In addition to our customized display sizes and touch solutions, we’ll tailor the internal components to match your specs. From 4K and 8K Resolution LCD controllers to plug and play module flexibility and customized motherboards, our display components are ready to power you forward.

    In addition to industry-leading controllers, our Intelligent Panel systems offer embedded sensors and integrations to give you unmatched design flexibility. Whether you need a custom motherboard, integrated heat and light sensors, or vibration monitoring, an Estecom intelligent panel design gives you the right display technology for the job.

    When your specialized integration specs mean you have to go beyond off the shelf display technology, our Software Design team will create the necessary interface software to ensure that it fully integrates with your APIs.

    All of our display solutions are built to exacting quality standards and in full compliance with industry-specific regulations. Through EMC testing and UL Certification, our Bill of Materials Guarantee ensures that your display technology will meet your interface challenges head-on.

    Estecom takes away the burden of sourcing and manufacturing your display requirements. All of our services from design and manufacturing are done in-house, ensuring you have the display solution tailored to your needs and made to strict OEM standards.

    As well, we’ll guarantee long-term access to your OEM components to maximize your product lifecycle.