ShadowSense – A New Generation of Touch Screen Sensors

Traditional touch screen technology forces you to compromise on quality and performance.

ShadowSense is an innovative, patented frame-integrated touch sensor that doesn’t interfere with display clarity, scales affordably, and offers the most responsive multi-point detection of any touch sensor. Multiple industries, from healthcare and aviation to transportation and gaming have benefitted from ESTECOM touchscreen solutions in conjunction with ShadowSense’s patented optical position sensing technology.

Why Choose a ShadowSense Touch Screen Sensor:

  • Fast, Accurate, and Repeatable: With ShadowSense, your device will have some of the fastest touch screen response times (6ms to 8ms independent of the number of touches) regardless of number of touches.
  • Offers unmatched touch accuracy: Hover distance control, support for up to 10 touch points, and customizable sensitivities (e.g. tune out touches made by water with advanced fluid rejection technology).
  • Cost-effective and highly scalable: Scalable solutions available in vast range of sizes, without a significant increase in price.
  • Durable in even the toughest conditions: Even in extreme temperatures and environments (rain, bright sunlight, etc.), ShadowSense technology remains effective. It is also EMI Shielded, enclosed entirely within the frame and independent of the glass surface, all electronics are completely isolated.
  • IP Sealable: Frame-based touch system allows display to be sealed for IP65 rated applications.

Don’t compromise on clarity and performance, use ShadowSense Touch Sensor in your ESTECOM Touch Screen.

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    ShadowSense Touch Screen Display Technology

    As part of our complete line of Flat Panel Display (FPD) solutions, ESTECOM offers custom multi touch screen interface options integrated with the latest ShadowSense technology. This exciting new optical position sensing technology promises to revolutionize the user interface experience, delivering unmatched touch sensing performance for any commercial application.

    Because of the unique light sensing qualities that ShadowSense offers, you’ll enjoy new display possibilities thanks to its versatility, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness.

    Why ShadowSense?

    Technology is growing more complex, and touch screens have become the main way for people to interact with devices. Because they make complex technology so much easier to use, touch displays are quickly becoming the interface standard.

    ShadowSense takes an innovative and novel approach to touch sensing custom display systems. Taking advantage of bezel-mounted sensors, the technology uses tracking algorithms to illumination dips caused by shadows. As a result, the system provides optical clarity as high as 90% and higher performance yet with a lower operating cost.

    ShadowSense Sizing Options

    ShadowSense technology is available in a wide range of sizes with ESTECOM mid-sized and large-sized monitors. These include the following:

    Mid-Size Monitors12.1”15”17”19”21.5”23.8”27”
    Large-Size Monitors32”55”65”    

    ShadowSense Touch Screen Benefits

    Unfortunately, traditional touch display technology comes with challenges: it can be expensive depending on the application’s complexity; it’s not always appropriate for all environments; sunlight and ambient light can impact screen brightness; scalability issues can limit their ability to integrate with certain devices.

    Using ShadowSense touch technology in your ESTECOM FPD solution offers many key benefits, including:

    ShadowSense-equipped devices use less power yet provide faster and accurate touch sensing, dramatically improving the user experience. The technology is able to detect and track up to 10 independent touchpoints, making it one of the most accurate touch sensing options available.

    The unique light-sensing approach prevents screens in direct sunlight from being too dark, letting you place it virtually anywhere.

    Fine-tune your interface thanks to ShadowSense’s ability to detect object size and spacing, giving you enhanced control over input.

    Because of the technology involved, traditional touch screens typically scale upwards with a corresponding price escalation. With ShadowSense, however, using a larger touch screen won’t usually come with a significantly greater cost.

    How ShadowSense Works

    By detecting the intersection of shadows an objects casts, ShadowSense technology can accurately identify a point of contact. This technology also allows ShadowSense to differentiate between different touch surfaces, from a finger, stylus, or any other object. Additionally, with the advanced ability to detect transparency of an object, ShadowSense can ignore contaminants such as rain, grease, or other interference.

    ESTECOM – Baanto’s International Partner in Touch Display Solutions

    When you need customized touch display interface solutions to meet rigorous or cost-sensitive specifications, the ShadowSense technology gives you the flexibility to improve user interface experiences while lowering your development costs.

    Contact us today to learn how our design, manufacturing, certification, and integration solutions can help you deliver the ideal touch screen device interface.

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