The systems you use to monitor medical issues must be reliable, compliant and fully capable of every operational task envisioned.


ESTECOM produces a wide array of medical monitor and interface solutions to meet every operational need and in alignment with strict regulatory and industry standards. Procuring ESTECOM medical monitor systems and interfaces offers the following benefits:

Get the Right Display for your Project

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    We leverage decades of innovative experience, quality in-house manufacturing, and global reach to provide customized OEM display solutions for any industry.


    ESTECOM designs and manufactures custom medical displays and monitors based on exact end-user specications and requirements. We oer the full-spectrum of screen sizes, starting from 7” displays all the way through to 70” monitors.

    Be it small medical LCD monitors for monitoring individual patients to large medical grade display systems for observing macro-level activities at your hospital or pharmaceutical lab, there’s not a single requirement too complex or specic for ESTECOM. Our medical displays are also available with many interface options, including touchscreen.

    ESTECOM is equipped to integrate a diverse range of interactive inputs into each of its custom displays. You can choose from Projected Capacitive Touch, Optical Human Machine Interface, Resistive Touch, Camera Touch, ShadowSense or Infrared.

    We have this catalogue to ensure that your manufacturing site’s exact operational requirements are met through an optimal interactive display solution.

    Hospitals, clinics and pharmaceutical laboratories are controlled environments, which makes it imperative for your monitors to be adjustable to ambient surroundings.

    To support this – and ensure continued functionality – ESTECOM offers integrated sensors for any of its custom medical displays. These include sensors to measure heat/temperature, force or vibration and lighting. You can integrate these sensors to touch and non-touch displays.

    Every medical environment has its risks. Be it damage from liquid spills or physical accidents, we design and manufacture our medical displays for uncompromising durability.

    We do this by offering multiple build options, including stainless steel, and with true IP65, IP67 and IP68 ratings for object and water intrusion.

    Bringing over 20 years of experience in building displays for the medical industry, ESTECOM has built a highly efficient in-house manufacturing capability.

    We manufacture and integrate all of your medical monitor’s internal components, including its embedded computing design, custom motherboards and LCD controller boards.

    Be it our 70” monitors or our smallest 7” bespoke displays, we manufacture, integrate and test in-house to ISO 9001 and ISO 13845 standards, thus ensuring a failure rate of less than 1% on all of our products.

    ESTECOM maintains full turn-key capabilities for monitor manufacturing, integration and testing. In addition, we tightly manage our supply chain and vendors to guarantee that only high-quality parts and materials are used in your medical displays.

    We will also provide a Bill of Materials Guarantee to demonstrate this commitment, which you can use assure compliance and stakeholder buy-in.

    In addition, we guarantee 5 years of OEM parts access, which you can utilize through our global network of regional support offices. This ensures that your monitors have a full lifecycle and that your hospital operations are not disturbed due to a lack of parts.

    As a result of combining the manufacturing, integration and materials sourcing, we can ensure that your custom displays comply with all medical regulatory and industry standards. We also conduct EMC testing and UL certification of all display solutions.


    ESTECOM leverages over 20 years designing, integrating and manufacturing medical displays tailored for every scenario and requirement. Contact us today to explore how you can configure the perfect medical monitors for your environment.